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Exploring The Wonders Of Thai Cuisine

Thailand is one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. There is a good reason for this – it is a country which has it all. Whether you want to party the night away under the neon lights of the big city or want to lie back on sparkling white beaches and take in the tropical sun, Thailand will deliver. You can explore ancient monuments or shop at vibrant markets. However, if there is one thing that every traveler to Thailand simply must not miss it is the food.

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The simple delights of Thai street food should not be ignored. The depths of the flavor of something as simple as Tom Yum soup transform a simple meal into an experience. The sweet and sour flavors with the addition of fiery chillis and the tangy citrus zip of lemongrass, combined with kaffir lime leaves and galangal could be southeast Asia in a bowl. Remember, the ingredients are as fresh as can be – that makes all the difference. One continually stumbles across delights such as the unctuous Khao Kha Moo, a pork leg stewed with soy sauce, sugar, and spice served over rice. The dish may sound simple – but the depths of flavor are exquisite.

So what exactly makes Thai food a pleasure, not only for travelers to Thailand but for those who take their seats at Thai restaurants all over the world?

The first is the Thai devotion to the concept of balance in the meals that are served. The majority of Thai dishes are a combination of sweet, sour, salty and spice. Achieving the balance between these elements is the hallmark of truly authentic Thai cuisine. Too often this subtlety is missing from the dishes that are available in Westernized Thia restaurants. The result is confusion of tastes – and a bland end result made even worse by the over liberal use of coconut milk.

As any home cook will tell you, preparing a Thai dish may call for an advanced level of technical skill, as well as in-depth knowledge of the properties of each ingredient. Bit the level of skill involved should not be underestimated. A truly great Thai chef will have mastered the varied skills that are required to prepare the extremely varied number of popular dishes from Thailand, including regional specialties.

The idea of balance once again comes into play when she realizes that Thai food employs generous amounts of herbs and garden produce. There are a bewildering number of herbs and fresh vegetables that find their way into Thai dishes. Dill, parsley, cilantro, sweet basil, lemon basil, holy basil, lime, lemongrass, and chili (to name only a few) each provide a highlight to the dish. The challenge is to combine these often pungent and powerful ingredients in a way that allows the ingredients to work together harmoniously to provide that balance of intense flavors for which Thai Food is renowned.

Our Thai cuisine is prepared by skilled chefs with a depth of knowledge that ensures you enjoy that authentic Thai experience. Make sure you set aside some time to let the flavors of Southeast Asia tantalize your taste buds.

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